7 Keys to a 6-figure speaking career



In this presentation on "The 7 Keys To A 6-Figure Speaking Career", you will learn:
- The most essential (yet often overlooked) elements needed to get paid to speak
- A simple template to make $20k/month from speaking (even if you are just getting started)
- Heartfelt, authentic and effective business strategies used by today's top speakers
- ... and more!

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About The Founder

Frank Macri is an international speaker, certified business coach and Founder of "Speak More, Make More: Professional Speaker Academy." Frank has mentored over 1,000 highly successful leaders and entrepreneurs, and one of his clients is a 3-time Emmy Award winner and writer for "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Frank was also a Lead Trainer for one of the world’s most prestigious coaching institutes, where he trained hundreds of coaches looking to become thriving business owners and influential leaders in their communities.

Before his success as a speaker, Frank spent years of his life ashamed of his voice. He feared others would judge him for sounding effeminate. Then, after a sudden health scare, Frank decided to stop being invisible and start showing up as the bold leader he was meant to be.

Now, Frank has established a six-figure income doing the one thing that used to scare him the most: sharing his voice. Frank is passionate about supporting leaders who want to create thriving speaking careers and inspire others.


"I filled up my first workshop and overcame my fear of speaking!"

"Before, I was terrified at the thought of speaking in front of a room. Even though I knew I had an important message to share, I was worried people would judge me and my delivery would be choppy. I also had never done a workshop before and had no clue how to get people in the door. Through working with Frank and "Speak More, Make More", I filled up my first workshop and overcame my fear of public speaking! My workshop flowed smoothly from start to finish, and the attendees didn’t want to leave when it ended. Thanks to Frank’s valuable feedback, I now feel confident in my speaking skills and am excited to grow my business with more speaking opportunities.”
- Gayle L., Author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, California


"Now, I work full-time as a speaker and coach!"

"I had always dreamed of having my own business but didn't know how to make it a reality. At first, I was frustrated because I had invested in other programs that didn’t do the trick in getting my business off the ground. But something inside me said to give it another shot, so I decided to work with Frank. Within the first week, I welcomed a $2000 client and from then on continued to have amazing success. Now, I work full-time as a speaker and coach. Later this year, I will be going on a speaking tour around the United States! It would have taken years to get all of the knowledge I gained from Frank. The best part of the journey is I didn’t feel like I had to “hustle” to get things up and running. With Frank's support, my business flowed easily and quickly.

- Maria Bailey, Executive Coach, California

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"I have paid events every month!"

"Before, I felt confused and overwhelmed because I didn’t know how take my business to the next level. Frank helped me hone in on my niche and how best to reach those folks. While working with Frank, I was able to start a community that grew to over 300 members in a short time. Now, I lead several paid events and workshops every month. I even moved into my own office space and feel focused and excited about the direction I am moving. I am confident in knowing I will have a successful business as a community leader, speaker and coach."
– Samantha S., Certified Professional Coach, Oregon