7 Keys to Becoming a powerful speaker

Are you are a business owner ready to share your message to a wider audience?
Do you want to attract new clients with memorable and engaging events?
Do you have an important message to share but struggle articulating yourself powerfully?

Join us for a fun and engaging workshop on "The 7 Keys To Becoming A Powerful Speaker”.

You will walk away with:

  • Simple (but often overlooked) tips to become a engaging and dynamic speaker (even if you are an introvert)

  • The biggest mistake even the most savvy speakers make while storytelling (and how to avoid it)

  • The secrets to event marketing and how to engage thousands of new people to your brand

  • How to confidently sell from the stage (without feeling manipulative and pushy)

  • How to make $15k/month from speaking (even if you are just getting started)
    - ... and more!


Workshop Details

Recommended Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended Attendance: 30-40 attendees
(*These numbers are recommended and can be adjusted given the needs of your group.)

About the Facilitator

This workshop will be led by Frank Macri, President and Founder of Speak More, Make More: Professional Speaker Academy. Frank is an international speaker and six-figure business coach who has trained over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs on sharing their message and growing their businesses.


To learn more about presenting this workshop to your organization or group, please contact info@speakmoremakemore.com.

This is for you if:

  • You are a business owner ready to share your message to a wider audience

  • You are a coach or holistic practitioner with a desire to inspire others and share your gifts on a larger scale

  • You are an executive or manager and you would like to present yourself with more confidence and charisma

  • You are just getting started as an entrepreneur and want to save yourself time and energy by learning a simple system that works

  • You have some experience as a paid speaker already and want to learn how to have bigger pay days